Motion for 100 Days

On the 11th October it was the big evening for all the participants of the 100 Days Art Journey.
I have reached my goal. 'What if ... ' were the words which triggered me during the first 1on1 meeting with the tutors Kate and John. I took those words on board and it expanded my boundaries along the way.
My last big piece of canvas includes all the 'what if ... ' moments during those 100 days.
I never had painted on big non stressed canvasses. So I decided to do so. They are boundless! even if you as viewer definitely can see very clearly those boundaries, for me there are none, there is more, there is heaps more which only can be seen in new works.
This last piece had to be created outside. I never paint outside. It distracted me too much. Excuses such as noise, wind, voices, birds, yes, excuses, because non of all were the true reasons to be distracted. My own mind is and happy to say now, was, the only reason, the rest is nonsense. We make our own choices. Excuses can't even make their own choices, very simple.
The urge to create this last canvas outside developed during those 100 days. I entered more and more my own space. I have put this canvas on the floor many times. Empty and first in silence. The more often I looked at it, took it away, unfolded it again, took the whiteness in of the canvas, there was something happening inside me. Movement. I started to walk around the canvas, sat next to it, stood on it, walked over it and observed it from different ankles, many many times. It felt like we started a conversation with each other. One afternoon I was talking with it again and got goosebumps all over me. We knew it was time to create. I had to go outside. However a very unpractical thing stood in our way at that specific moment ... It was almost dark outside! So ...
It took another week before I dragged the canvas outside on the grass. Started to put all my materials outside as well. It had to be a one go-er. The sun was shining which helped me a lot. It was a natural way of drying while creating, which I embraced. I could see in a perfect time frame how the materials mixed so I could create in a natural on going pace which was the perfect match. It was if working outside was meant to be that day.
Hours and hours of non stop creating. Its boundaries disappeared. Its dimensions were created.

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