Day 55

Last night was a restless night.

I had a dream with a message. With a blessing.
Ok, I can talk heaps about dreams, I’m not going to do it right now.

Another part of the night was me creating and creating.
Creating art just happens when it’s happening. Simple as. It was 2.30am.
I decide, to stay in bed.

This early morning I was very tempted to dive into my art cave straight away.
A while ago I committed to some goals. Stick to my plan continuously every day, with persistency and focus will bring me to my goals. Compounding is anchored. This will keep me in the rhythm. This will bring me to my goals.
I decided to stick to my plan.

The 100Days Art Journey is of course part of the mentioned rhythm. Otherwise it won’t work.
Pssst … I really advise everybody to do it at least ones in your life: a 100Days journey.
It’s a true journey. Yes, there will be challenges. Yes, there will be resistance. Embrace, let go, because they always have been there, but choosing for the journey, they suddenly become your mirror. All is temporarily. There will be heaps of joy, laughter and discoveries as well. Win win.

into the lightness and happiness of this afternoon!
Whoop in my art cave! and it was like my dream .. a blessing.
Yep, there was a challenge facing me. Fully stuck. I started to wipe out colours, I started to mentioning out loud all kind of colours, just because there was one color I couldn’t feel which was needed. One color … yeah right, many colours followed after that, party time, because the flow was back again. I was dancing around the canvas and this is not a joke. I truly start to move around which keeps me in the creating mode. This photo is four hours later starting from zero. Next steps is to bring more depth in many parts of it.
This is me, this is Echt, keep dancing.

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