Day 10

Day 9 of the 100days Art Journey.
The way I work in mainly everything is through observation, doing, commit and persist. All from one source: believe. Sometimes it can be hard to believe, part of me as well.
The learning part follows too, because some knowledge is required most of the times to succeed.
Once I got the hang of something, then I want it immediately how it shows in my imagination.
Get real girl. Slow down. That’s not how it works.

I’m a self-taught artist.
In my cave.
Doing, doing, doing, doing, and keep doing.
Just following my curiosity.

Painting from and with an example changed into more free work.
Now I’m focused to combine both to share my story with the goal to inspire the viewer to transform it into its own story.
This will always be the case with any art of course. Still creation needs to be done first by digging into my inner world.

This is my goal for now in the 100days Art Journey.
The freedom of choices is the great part of any journey.
Don’t be surprised of any side paths I will walk as well.

Hello today Day 10!

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