mmmmmmmm I noticed something and I'm happy it popped up already on day 2.
I'm not really surprised, because since 6 months it's my focus. It's part of me so no wonder it is present in all what I do.
I start to thínk about 'things' and then there is a block. My inner voice starts to interfere, block number two. Maybe recognizable?
My growth in the past few months: I gently thank my inner voice and take back my own space, I close my eyes, start breathing, put my hands on my center, I put a smile on my face and just take all my time to come back in the present. Now. For me it has all to do with feeling out of the heart and not thinking from the mind.
Tomorrow I start the day with breathing and yoga.
Today I just started in my old pattern ... to be honest already early in the morning. I'm thankful I recognized it !
Day 3 here I come!

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